We are the light of the universe

Higher Selves - the eternal truth

We are the light of the universe

Digte (Poems)

Herunder finder du et par digte, som jeg har produceret gennem tiden. Enkelte af disse kan fremstå som dystre og mørke. Dette skyldes bl.a., at disse digte er skrevet i en tid, hvor jeg havde mange mørke tanker.


Enkelte digte omhandler fantasidyr. Jeg har altid haft en passion for mytologiske væsener og deres opståen og væremåde (også kaldet kryptozoologi). Dette gælder væsener, som drager (læs bl.a. A Dragons Tale), alfer/feer (læs bl.a. A Fairy Wish) og vareulve (læs bl.a. Full Moon Crying).


Ydermere har jeg skrevet et digt vedrørende stemmehøring (læs eventuelt Voice hearing). Idet jeg har gået i stemmehøregruppe på Vækststedet (et værested for psykisk sårbare i Kolding), blev jeg inspireret til at skrive et digt om stemmehøring for at prøve at beskrive, hvordan livet er, som stemmehører.


Alle digte er på engelsk. Dette skyldes bl.a., at jeg har nemmere ved at udtrykke mine følelser i det engelsk sprog. Samtidig tillader det engelske sprog mig at bruge en bredere vifte af ord set i forhold til det danske sprog.


Jeg håber på, at jeg i fremtiden, vil producerer yderligere en lang række af digte. Disse vil blive tilgængelige for læsere på denne blog.

The monster in your closet

1)      At night in your bed you sit and stare.

             Cold and dark.

             Two eyes red as flares.




2)      From the closet arms come out.

             Your closet monster,

             You want to shout.




3)      His arms are long and eyes red.

             Starring without blinking.

             He sometimes hides under your bed.




4)      In the dark you see his silhouette.

             You are afraid and shiver.

             Your body is wet of sweat.




5)      Almost morning, he pulls back.

              Still starring at you.

              Into the closet he goes cold and black.




Written by: Simon Sig Bentzen

On the inside

1)    1) Under my skin in my body he sleeps.

    In my mind, he rests deep.



2)      2) As he awakes something change.

     Words with me he wants to exchange.



3)      3) He wants to come forth and look out.

      I cut myself, I don’t shout.



4)      4) He looks at the world through my scars,

     People he sees and a sky full of stars.



5)      5) He has seen enough, he crawls back.

     Under my skin. Everything is black.



6)      6) He goes back to sleep and rests again.

     My mind and body is his den.



7)      7) Again at some point, he will wake up.

      It seems as if he will never stop.



Written by: Simon Sig Bentzen


Full Moon Crying

1)      1) Once a month it comes forth.

     It lives high in the north.



2)      2) Once a month you hear it crying.

     Yet it is not because it is dying.



3)      3) Once a month it terrorizes farms.

      It splits sheep in two with its bare arms.



4)      4) It is part wolf part man.

    And it has not unlimited lifespan.



5)      5) It is a threat to all.

     Its body is slender and tall.



6)      6) Rest of the month it is not to be seen.

     It is hiding in plain sight if you know what I mean.



7)      7) Only its footprints are to be found.

     Just look carefully on the ground.



8)      8) Full moon is back.

      It comes forth gray and black.



Written by: Simon Sig Bentzen

Darkness can`t stay

1)      1) Long ago

     a tale was told

     of the dark lord

     whose heart was cold.



2)      2) The dark lord reigned.

     Great powers he gained.

     Much evil he contained.

     People`s life he drained.



3)      3) In darkness he dwelled.

    Of dark magic he smelled.

    Dark magic he spelled

    from the powers he held.



4)      4) Love he knew not

     for love he fought.

     Only darkness he caught.

     Dark things he thought.



5)      5) But one day

     The darkness went away.

      In his heart, darkness couldn’t stay

     for he finally loves his way.



Wriiten by: Simon Sig Bentzen


Devilicious Poetry

1)      1) If Hell is a city

     I believe it is pretty.

    Towers and building of flames

    for Devils to claim.



2)      2) The Devils are the same

     each one bear a name.

     Little, red, a tail, and horns.

    They all have a fork with edges sharp as thorns.



3)      3) From firelakes in Hell, I would have sworm,

     I saw little Devils get reborn.

    The firelake, as a road, where Devils dwell

    made me realize this was the highway to Hell.



4)      4) The Devils are born, you hear the bell.

    Your throat swell as you notice the smell.

    Fired sausage and roasted marshmallow

    all cooked by these Devilish fellows.



5)      5) Some Devils play the cello

     others swim in the yellow Jell-O.

     Same size and shape, different personality.

     Each Devil is an emotion, much individuality.



6)      6) Devils do not spawn from brutality.

     They can be naughty and fun, universal commonality.

     Play with them, dance, and sing.

     Notice your emotions, you never know what life will bring.



Wriiten by: Simon Sig Bentzen


A Dragons Tale

1) Mighty.                                                                  


     Armor hard as gold.                                            

     Large as a mountain                                           

     and just as old.                                                      


2) Mighty.                                                                   

     Golden beard.                                                         

     Ferocious wrath.                                                    

     Scaly skin                                                                 

     and sleeps in his den.                                           


3) Mighty.                                                                  

     King on earth.                                                           

     Ruler of the sky.                                                      

     A whole world he can shatter.                          

     But he is easy to flatter.                                        


4) Mighty.

     Legendary myth.

     Ancient as the planet.

     His heart can be sold

     for treasures and gold.


5) Mighty.

    A volcanoes wrath.

    A thunders roar.

    He spreads his wings.

    The storm brings nasty things.


6) Mighty.

    Claws as swords.

    Teeth as spears.

    Tail long as a snake.

    He hits the ground, the earth quakes.


7) Mighty.

     Spreading fear among the living.

     A world on fire.

     Cities of destruction

     results in population reduction.


8) Mighty.

     Satisfied flew back, dragon-proudness.

     Greedy he smiled and lay on his treasure.

     "I am the true king.

     Men will never know what wrath I`ll bring".



Written by: Simon Lund Sig Bentzen


A Fairy Wish

1)      1) Hi, little fairy;

     green dress and with wings.

     I wish to tell you

     so many things.


2)      2) First of all,

     do you grant wishes?

     If so, can I have three?

     I promise they will be ambitious.


3)      3) A wish for life,

      a wish for glory,

     a wish for a beautiful

     love story.


4)      4) Oh, little fairy;

     Green dress and with wings.

     Thank you for these wish things.

     In my life, I will a love story sing

     for wise words say; You never know what life brings.



Written by: Simon Sig Bentzen


Ghosts in the haunted house

1) In an old uninhabited house

     on the floor crawls a mouse.

     Spider web everywhere

     in this house there is no fresh air.

     Oooh boo say the spooky ghosts.


2) Unexplained noises, you shiver.

     From the bathroom water runs like a river.

     Dark and foggy, you cannot see.

     From the roof falls debris.

     Ooog boo say the spooky ghosts.


3) Up the stairs you decide to go.

     You don`t move fast, you go slow.

     Walking on the stairs, you feel a blow,

     and in a distance you notice a white glow.

     Oooh boo say the spooky ghosts.


4) The glow you noticed is a ghosts.

     Actually, there are nine. They are your hosts.

     Goose bumps on your skin, you shiver.

     Sweat on your face is running like a river.

     Oooh boo say the spooky ghosts.


5) They hang in the lamps, sit in the chair.

     They sit in the window, they don`t care.

     They disappear and reappear in a flare.

     They are up to one thing; They want to scare.

     Oooh boo say the spooky ghosts.


6) Some ghosts are scared, others laugh.

     They appear to you as a nice staff.

     They don`t hurt you, they just have fun.

     They tend to be gentle in the long run.

     Oooh boo say the spooky ghosts.



Written by: Simon Lund Sig Bentzen

The demon that lead me astray

1)      1) Demon dark and gray.

     I was its prey.

     My mind it would slay.

     With my soul it was going to play.


2)      2) I drew with silver and it turned red.

     Darkness in my body was going to spread.

     From my mind I was going to fled,

     for my soul was already dead.


3)      3) Every day was night.

     My throat it held tight.

     Of my heart it took a bite.

     There was nowhere to hide.


4)      4) It comes from the depth of Hell

     but in my body it dwells.

     My soul it is trying to sell.

     I`m cursed under a dark spell.


5)      5) Sucking all life out of me.

     A monster I turned out to be.

     I went to drown the demon in the sea.

     Counting: One, two, three…



Written by: Simon Sig Bentzen


Voice hearing

1) Like a radio voices talk in my head.

     Both when I`m up and when I`m in bed.

     They are with me all day.

     I don`t want to listen to what they say.


2) They tell me I should die.

     I shiver and want to cry.

     I cut myself, it doesn`t hurt.

     I bleed on my t-shirt.


3) The voices keep talking.

     Me they keep on mocking.

     They keep on talking to me

     saying that death will set me free.


4) I draw with silver and it turns red.

     "You are a good boy", they said.

     Scars on my skin.

     Tears crawl down my chin.


5) I hide my scars.

     I go off to bars.

     I drink `till I pass out.

     Now the voices can`t shout.


6) I wake up the next day.

     The voices have not gone away.

     They say they are here to stay.

     "Please, go away", I pray.


7) Tears fall down my chin, I blink.

     I go to the kitchen to make a drink.

     Scars on my skin have turned pink.

     Voices keep talking, I cannot think.


8) Into my own world I disappear.

     I grab a beer.

     My body is filled with fear.

     Voices still whisper in my ear.


9) I have hit bottom rock.

     My family and friends picked me up.

     Months hospitalized.

     Psychological analyzed.


10) The voices became mad.

        They treated me very bad.

        Soon I will recover.

        A new life I will discover.


11) I got medication.

        It was a salvation.

        The voices were gone.

        Water I walked on.


12) Voice free.

        I fall on my knees.

        Voice free.

        Counting the seconds: One, two three.


Written by: Simon Lund Sig Bentzen

A tiny tale

A tiny soul

goes on a tiny trip

to take a sip and taste

the salty sea at the sandy shores

as the Sun sets

and stars rise.


Written by: Simon Lund Sig Bentzen