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Under denne undermenu vil der indsættes blogindlæg, som giver inspiration til at leve livet på den bedste måde muligt. Mange af blogindlæggene er samtaler/råd fra yogi`en, mystikeren og forfatteren Sadhguru, og er derfor på engelsk.

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Choose to be joyful

Questioner: You have emphasized the importance of being joyful in all we do. Is it possible to achieve such a state in the rat-race all of us are involved in?



Sadhguru: Everything that a human being does is only in pursuit of his joy. So whether you are racing with the rats or with the dinosaurs – if that is your choice, why don’t you do it joyfully? If you are going to be in this race for a major part of your life, what you are saying is that you cannot be joyful for a major part of your life. You believe that when the race stops or when you fall out of it or when you are incapable of racing, you will be joyful. This is an argument for living miserably.


In Control or Out of Control?

Joy is not about what you do and what you do not do. Joy is about how you are within yourself.

If only your mind and your emotion happened the way you wanted it, if your mind was taking instructions from you, you would definitely keep it joyful. The question is not about joy or misery, the question is just whether your mind is out of control or in control. If it is in control, you would definitely create a joyful situation within yourself. Only because it is out of control – it is happening in random reaction to external situations – it is not joyful.

You can manage external situations only to a certain extent. Whether you are in the race or not in the race, outside situations happen your way only to some extent, and never 100% your way. If your inner situation is happening in compulsive reaction to the external situation, you being joyful is always going to be accidental.

What you call as the outside is a million different ingredients over which you have no control. But inside there is only one – you. If you happen the way you want yourself to be, your choice would definitely be joy. The problem is just that your interiority, your mind, your body, your energies, your emotions, nothing is happening the way you want it. Everything is happening accidentally, in compulsive reaction to the situations in which you exist.


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Joy is your original nature

Have you ever thought that someone else is luckier than you?  –that perhaps they are happier?  Is “if only” a common phrase of yours?  Maybe you are in a good mood one moment, and then not so positive the next? Sadhguru shows us not only what is holding us back from experiencing 24/7 joyfulness, but how to be joyful no matter what is happening in our lives.

Many people state that unhappiness exists everywhere—people destroying the environment, animals and each other.  Countless excuses and attempts to remedy this may work temporarily, but never seems a permanent fix.  Sadhguru’s message adds clarity and hope.

Sadhguru: What is joy about?  Joy is definitively not about anything, because joy is not something that you do, joy is something that you become; it is a certain way to be.  If your physical body attains to a certain pleasantness, we call this pleasure.  If your mind attains to a certain pleasantness, we call this peace, or happiness.  If your very life energies attain to a certain pleasantness, we call this joy.  If you do not disturb the basic process of life within you, joy is a natural outcome.  Joy is not an achievement; joy is your original state.

Only you can be joyful, but right now, no such thing as ‘you’ actually exists.  Everything that you are is an accumulation from the atmospheres that you are exposed to.  There are huge heaps; one is the body, the other is the mind.  Actually, your physical body is just a heap of food that you have eaten.  Your mind is just a heap of impressions that you have taken in.

It is not that somebody messed you up, you were so eager to gather these heaps that you just got buried in them and you do not know where you are right now.  It is very easy to blame it on society; however, it is an integral choice within every human being as to what he wants to do out of the influences that he is exposed to.

You many say, “There is so much misery in this society, how can I be joyful?”  If all your surroundings have become miserable, the best thing you could do is to be joyful; otherwise, the world will forget there is something called joyfulness.  Misery and suffering are not caused by something going wrong with one’s life or because an external circumstance created them—outside situations can cause physical pain not suffering—but rather by your mind not doing what you want it to do.  If you do not create misery, joy will be a natural state.  If you do not understand and come to terms with such a basic fact in your life, the chance of you being joyful is very remote.

If you depend on the outside to bring joy to you, you need to understand, the outside never happens 100% the way you want it.  When this the reality, at least this one person—you—must happen the way you want it to be.  If you did happen the way you want yourself to be, the very natural choice is joy.  That is not something that you have to pursue.  If you fall back into your original nature, joyfulness is the only way you will be.


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How to be happy in life? 10 tips to make joy your companion

Sadhguru: When you are fundamentally joyous, when you do not have to do anything to be happy, then every dimension of your life – the way you perceive and express yourself and the world – will change. You will no longer have vested interests because whether you do something or you do not do something, whether you get something or do not get something, whether something happens or does not happen, you will be joyous by your nature. When you are joyous by your nature, your actions will rise to a completely different level.


10 Tools Towards a Happy Life

#1 See that being joyful is your fundamental responsibility

The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous being. To be happy is not the ultimate aspect of life. It is the fundamental aspect of life. If you are not happy, what else can you do with your life? Only if you are happy, can other great possibilities open up.

Whatever you do, it is only your inner quality that you are going to spread. Whether you like it or not, that is the reality. Unless something of true value happens within you, you cannot do anything of tremendous value to the world. So, if you are concerned about the world, the first thing you must do is transform yourself into a joyous being.


#2 Realize that joy is your original nature

It does not matter what you are pursuing in your life, whether it is business, power, education or service, you are doing so because somewhere deep inside you is a feeling that this will bring you happiness. Every single action that we perform on this planet springs from an aspiration to be happy because it is the original nature. When you were a child you were simply happy. That is your nature. The source of joy is within you; you can take charge of it.


#3 Put things in perspective

Today morning, did you see that the sun came up wonderfully well? The flowers blossomed, no stars fell down, the galaxies are functioning very well. Everything is in order. The whole cosmos is happening wonderfully well today but just a worm of a thought worming through your head makes you believe it is a bad day today.

Suffering is happening essentially because most human beings have lost perspective as to what this life is about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process, or to put it bluntly, you’ve made your petty creation far more important than the Creator’s creation. That is the fundamental source of all suffering. We have missed the complete sense of what it means to be alive here. A thought in your head or an emotion within you determines the nature of your experience right now. And your thought and emotion may have nothing to do even with the limited reality of your life. The whole creation is happening wonderfully well but just one thought or emotion can destroy everything.


#4 See the mind for what it is

What you call as “my mind” is not yours actually. You don’t have a mind of your own. Please look at it carefully. What you call as “my mind” is just society’s garbage bin. Anyone and everyone who passes by you stuffs something into your head. You really have no choice about whom to receive from and whom not to receive from. If you say, “I don’t like this person,” you will receive a lot more from that person than anyone else. You really don’t have a choice. If you know how to process and use it, this garbage is useful. This accumulation of impressions and information that you have gathered is only useful for survival in the world. It has got nothing to do with who you are.


#5 Move from psychological to existential

When we talk about a spiritual process, we are talking about shifting from psychological to existential. Life is about the creation that is here, knowing it absolutely and experiencing it the way it is; not distorting it the way you want. If you want to move into existential reality, to put it very simply, you just have to see that what you think is not important, what you feel is not important. What you think has nothing to do with reality. It has no great relevance to life. The mind is just chattering away with nonsense that you have gathered from somewhere else. If you think it is important, you will never look beyond that.

Your attention naturally flows in the direction of whatever you hold as important. If your thought and your emotion is important, naturally your whole attention will be right there. But that is a psychological reality. That has nothing to do with the existential.

Suffering is not showered upon us, it is manufactured. And the manufacturing unit is in your mind. It is time to shut down the manufacturing unit.


#6 Stop pursuing, start expressing

Today we are seeking happiness so vigorously that the very life of the planet is being threatened. Don’t be in pursuit of happiness. Know how to express your happiness in the world. If you look back at your life and see, the most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.

What you save will never be your quality. What you dispense will be your quality. If you save your joy, at the end of your life no one will take account, “She saved every bit of joy in her; she’s the most joyfully dead.” They will say, “This horrible creature never even smiled in her life.” But if every day you dispensed your joy and love, people would say, “Oh she was a joyful and loving being.”


#7 Smile!

When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile. At whom? No one. Because just the fact that you woke up is not a small thing. So many millions of people who slept last night did not wake up today, but you and me woke up. Isn’t it great that you woke up? So smile because you woke up. Then look around and if there is someone, smile at them. For so many people, someone dear to them did not wake up today morning. Everyone who is dear to you woke up – Wow! It’s a great day, isn’t it? Then go out and take a look at the trees. They didn’t die last night either.

You may think this is ridiculous, but you will know the reality of it when someone dear to you doesn’t wake up. Don’t wait till then to realize the value of it. It is not something ridiculous, this is the most valuable thing – that you are alive and everything that matters to you is alive. When on this disastrous night so many people did not wake up and the loved ones of so many others did not wake up, you and your loved ones woke up. Isn’t it a fantastic event? Appreciate it and smile at least. Learn to look at a few people lovingly.


#8 Remind yourself to smile!

For many people, it just takes an hour to forget all this and pretty soon their reptilian brain wants to bite someone. So give yourself a dose once an hour – a reminder of the value of life. If you are very insensitive, remind yourself every half-an-hour. If you are horribly insensitive, remind yourself every five minutes. It takes only ten seconds to remind yourself. You could do it in just two seconds too – “I’m alive, you’re alive. What more?”


#9 Transform what’s within

At present, the quality of your life is not determined by the clothes that you wear, the educational qualifications that you carry, the family background that you come from or the bank balances that you hold. Rather, the quality of your life depends upon how peaceful and joyous you are within yourself.

Definitely, somebody who does not have food and who is deprived of the basic needs for survival can be physically miserable. That needs to addressed. For such people, we must take care of those things first. But for most others, their needs are an endless list. You think the man who is driving the car is happier than the man who is walking on the street? No. It is not decided by what you have. It depends on how they are that moment.


#10 Stop the comparison with others

Most people are miserable not because of what they don’t have. It is simply because they are comparing themselves with someone else. You are driving a motorbike, you see somebody in a Mercedes and you make yourself miserable. For someone on a bicycle, he sees you on a motorbike and that is a limousine for him. Somebody walking on the street looks at the bicycle and thinks, “Wow, if I just had that, what I would have done with my life!” It is a foolish game and it is just going on.



All those people who depend on external situations to be happy will never know true joy in their lives. It is definitely time we look inward and see how to create personal wellbeing. From your own experience of life you can clearly see that true wellbeing will come to you only if your interiority changes. If you depend on the outside to bring joy to you, you need to understand, the outside never happens 100% the way you want it. When this is the reality, at least this one person – you – must happen the way you want it to be. If you did happen the way you want yourself to be, the very natural choice is joy. That is not something that you have to pursue. If you fall back into your original nature, joyfulness is the only way you will be.


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How to live happily without suffering?



The Money Pit

Money is a device that started as a solution beyond the barter system. It was not complicated. It was just a means of exchange; a tool to make life more comfortable. If money is in your pocket, life is more comfortable. But the moment it enters your head, it becomes a perversion. You get identified by it. It becomes who you are. Once you get identified by it, you can never have enough.

There are many wealthy people who become miserable with just a little
fluctuation in their net worth. But money is merely a means to an end. Like everything else, money has been created for our well-being. We forget this when we become deeply identified by it.

Instead of just having money to use, we become someone — or something — because of it. Then we begin to compare ourselves to other people instead of enjoying what we have. This becomes a kind of a sickness, where making money is then turned against your own well-being.  (Sadhguru. The Price of Happiness. Huffington Post.  June 13, 2011).


End Suffering and Live Happy Within

‘If my boss is yelling at me, how can I be blissful?  If my wife is not co-operating with me, how can I be blissful?  If my bank balance is zero, how can I become blissful?’  These are all life situations, and maybe things have gone out of control and turned unpleasant for you.  It does not matter how carefully you walk through this life, invariably you will step into some unpleasantness and difficulties.

So how is it possible to de-link the outside factors and be at peace?  If you look at your own life’s experience, whenever happiness happened to you, it didn’t matter what the stimulus was.  Maybe, you watched the sunrise and you became very joyful; maybe you heard some music and you became very joyful; maybe you achieved some success and you were joyful.  Remember that whenever you happened to be joyful, it always bubbled up from within you.  It never rained upon you from somewhere else.

That shows that the source of your happiness is within you, but the stimulus is outside.  Therefore, the choice has to be yours: whether to keep the stimulus outside or you want to import it into you.  The source of happiness is within you but the switch is in somebody else’s hands.  They can turn it on or turn it off.  Anybody can make you happy, anybody can make you unhappy.  Similarly, any situation can hijack your happiness at any moment. (Sadhguru. Happiness is Within. Hindustan Times.  Sep 20, 2010).

How to live happily without suffering?  To live happy, you must realize that the source of happiness is within you.  If the source is within you, do you want the keys or do you want them in some other hands?  To end suffering, it’s important to keep the keys to your own happiness with you and out of external control.


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From Creation to Creator

Oscar award winning film maker Shekhar Kapur asks Sadhguru about the nature of creation and creator, and moving towards the Ultimate.


Shekhar Kapur: Sadhguru, what is the Ultimate?


Sadhguru: If you look around here, there is mud, stones, trees and plants – this is creation. From the same soil, one tree throws out wonderful, fragrant flowers, from the same soil, a mango tree will throw out mangoes, from the same soil, you have come and you make movies, I have come, and I am a Guru. So, there is something here which can make this mud into a tree, into a fruit, into a filmmaker, into a Guru, and into a billion other things. There is something within you which can transform a rice grain or a banana or a piece of bread into a human being. This is the ultimate source of creation. My work as a Guru is just to give you a taste of that Ultimate, so that your life goes into a tizzy, you go crazy, and you want to go for it. You had a taste; now you can’t stop.


Shekhar Kapur: So your work is to drive people mad.


Sadhguru: Yes. Because if people sleep through their life in the name of comfort and security, they are wasting their life. They must go all the way. This is not my desire – it is their desire also. Today you have a desire to fulfill one thing. If that happens, you want the next one and the next one and the next one. There is something within you which doesn’t like boundaries. There is something within you which is longing for the Ultimate – always. So, this is not my idea or philosophy that you should seek the Ultimate. You are anyway seeking the Ultimate in unconscious ways. But if you seek in unconscious ways, you will always remain frustrated and the chances of finding it are remote. It is better to seek what you want in a conscious, focused way.


Shekhar Kapur: So, what is the Ultimate? I am looking for words.


Sadhguru: Whatever we look at, we can only look at it the way you understand it right now. If I say something which is not in your understanding, I’d be compelling you to believe me or disbelieve me. I’ll never do that to anyone. So let us look at it this way: right now, what you call as “myself,” you actually gathered over a period of time?


Shekhar Kapur: Yeah.


Sadhguru: In terms of your mind, it is a huge heap of impressions. In terms of your body, it is a heap of food that you have eaten. So, you gathered this. What you gather can be yours; can it ever be you?


Shekar Kapur: No. Then what is the “you” beyond “yours?”


Sadhguru: So you are existing here without even knowing “what is me.” This “me” is not a simple me. This “me” is the Ultimate. This same “me” which can make a banana into a human being also created the whole cosmic scape. It is not a different “me.” So, the choice is just this – either you can exist here just as a piece of creation or you can exist here as the very Creator himself.

Tools to tap the Source of Creation

Shekar Kapur: Sadhguru, when the consecration of Linga Bhairavi took place, you said, “Shekhar, as a creative person, you must come.” So my first question to you today is about the relationship between Bhairavi and creativity.


Sadhguru: The greatest masterpiece of physical creation, of what we know on this planet, is the human body. There is no physical mechanism that is as sophisticated and as fantastic as this one. And though there is an input from the masculine, it is essentially manufactured in the womb of the feminine. Bhairavi is the ultimate feminine nature – creativity in its essence.


Shekar Kapur: You’re saying my feminine nature is the source of my creativity?


Sadhguru: I don’t believe a human being can be creative. If we perceive creation around us with a certain profoundness, we can imitate in many different ways, in permutations and combinations, and seem creative in society, but actually, we are not really creative. Everything that can be created has already been done in creation. We are clever craftsmen at the most. If you define the word “creativity” as really creating something – whether you make a movie or you paint something or I build a building, I speak, or whatever else I do – this is not really creative – it is clever imitation. Because we have paid attention to different aspects of life, we are able to imitate in ways that others have not thought possible. Or if you don’t like the word “imitate,” you could say “replicate.”


Shekar Kapur: I prefer “imitate” to “replicate.” Or would you give me, as a creative person, the word “interpret?”


Sadhguru: No, I would give you “transmit.” In transmission, you can make some changes of color and form to it.


Shekar Kapur: Okay, I am going to replace the word “creativity” with the word “transmission.” Let’s talk about transmission. How do I transmit? Is there a relationship between transmission and Bhairavi? How do I become part of or how can I access the source?


Sadhguru: She herself is a transmission. We have always used the word “window” in yoga. Somehow, Bill Gates stole it from us, because we didn’t make it as popular as he did! It is all about opening a new window. If you open a new window, suddenly existence looks completely different. Suppose you have lived in a contraption of a home all your life. Now if you open one window, you will see the temple, and you will think the world is a temple. If you open another window, you will think the world is a mountain. If you open yet another window, you will think the world is a jungle. If you open a different window, you will think the world is a town. Similarly, you can open a million different windows and still it will be something new, because such is the phenomenon of creation.

Through Bhairavi, people are able to experience, know, and achieve things that they would have never been able to do by themselves.

Bhairavi herself is a window. Anything could be made into a window, but it has not been done. We established a window and keep it open so that more people are able to see. Through Bhairavi, people are able to experience, know, and achieve things that they would have never been able to do by themselves. You should listen to the stories of a lot of people who are every day in Bhairavi sadhana through the Bhairavi yantra – incredible! If you use her as a window, suddenly she opens up a new dimension for you, an enhanced level of capability and competence.


Yantras: Energy machines

Another way of looking at it is all deities can also be referred to as yantra. In a way, a yantra is a machine. The word “yantra” actually means “form.” A machine is a complex arrangement of forms. Why do we invent machines? All machines that human beings have ever made are only about enhancing what we can already do in a certain way. We can do it in a small way – the machine can do it in a bigger way. We can walk, so we came up with a bicycle. If you were immobile like a tree, you would have never thought of a bicycle.

These yantras are machines that function in a completely different dimension. They are machines for inner wellbeing.

All machines, whether it is a phone, a bicycle, a car, a computer, or whatever else, are just enhancements of our own capabilities and competence. In that sense, a Bhairavi yantra is also a machine. There is a different way to work with her because she is not a physical machine – she is an energy machine. If you use the right code, a mantra or a certain way to connect with her, and she works for you, suddenly, in different levels, your capacity is greatly enhanced.

If you remember when you first learned how to ride a bicycle, the new level of freedom was tremendous. A bicycle is one of the most basic machines, but when you first ride it, this experience of shifting your ability to locomote to the next level is phenomenal. The only reason why human beings are in a dominant position on this planet is because we created tools and machines. You can’t run as fast as a panther. You can’t fight with a tiger. You are no match for an elephant at all. You are not even a match for a bull or a cow. Only because we have tools and machines, our lives are enhanced.

This form of science, which is far more ancient, far more profound, and far more complex than the present physical sciences, is subjective in nature.

These yantras are machines that function in a completely different dimension. They are machines for inner wellbeing. Whenever I refer to the Dhyanalinga as a tool, people feel offended, “Sadhguru, don’t call it a tool – for us it’s a god!” I say, “It’s okay – God is also a tool.” When people go to the temple and say, “Shiva, do this for me,” they are trying to use him as a tool for their wellbeing. People do not understand how fantastic a thing a tool is. God is not so fantastic – tools are fantastic. Suppose I ask you to unscrew a screw in a piece of furniture – you may lose all your fingernails and a few teeth, but it won’t come out. If I give you a little screwdriver – done! That’s the power of a tool – it enables you to do things that you could not do by yourself.

You might have stood on your head, got into all kinds of pretzel forms, and still you were not able to meditate. Now if you come and sit at the Dhyanalinga, you will become meditative. So many people who have never been able to meditate in their whole life just sit there and become meditative. It is a powerful tool in that direction – that’s why it is called Dhyanalinga. Similarly, Bhairavi is a tool for wellbeing on a different level. Such sophisticated forms were created to take you to spaces that you by yourself would not be able to go to.


Consecrated spaces

If I had not been to those spaces, I would not have been able to manifest Bhairavi the way she is right now. If everyone had to make the journey without a tool, without a machine, it would be an arduous task. Essentially, it is only because of tools and machines that if one generation leaves something at a certain point, the next generation can take the next step without having to start all over again or having to repeat the previous step.

Life is for you to perceive and experience. The choice you have is to perceive and experience it more profoundly.

These yantras are powerful tools. It is just that this form of science, which is far more ancient, far more profound, and far more complex than the present physical sciences, is subjective in nature. Today’s science is concerned with the physical nature of the universe alone. By changing the physicality, you will only change the appearance of life – you will not change the quality of life in any way. Suppose you start cycling, running, exercising, and building muscle every day, your appearance will change, socially something may change, but in your experience of life, nothing will change. You will be miserable with big muscles – that’s all.

But if you change the dimension that is beyond physicality, everything, the way you exist, the way you perceive life will change. Your very connection with the universe will change. After all, you can’t really make anything that’s life. Life is for you to perceive and experience. The choice you have is to perceive and experience it more profoundly. Unfortunately, that dimension has been completely ignored in today’s world because of this madness about the physical.


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Existence: Not logical, but absolutely fantastic

Frustrated that things aren't going the way you think they should go? Sadhguru explains, when you begin to think, "No, Existence is not correct, why is it not fitting into my logic?" that's the argument of a madman. He points out that existence isn't logical but it is absolutely fantastic.


Sadhguru: What being on the path of the Divine means is that you don’t have your own nonsense anymore. Where does your nonsense come from? A bit from your parents, a bit from the society in which you live, rest you cook it up. (Laughs) Yes? Yes or no? Bit from your genetics, a bit from the external impressions; using these two things you cook up the rest.

What comes from external situations is all too much fragmented - bits and pieces. Maybe this information is useful for your survival - it is! What comes from your genes… You know Charles Darwin told you were a monkey. Yes? (Speaks in Tamil – not transcribed) So if you say, ‘My genetics decide who I am,’ the monkey business… the monkey business will not end ever, ’cause even now, your DNA is only 1.23 percent different from that of a chimpanzee. Your evolution is only that much. (Laughs) So, the more you depend on your genetics, the more of a monkey you become. I say a monkey because if you go by your genetics you become cyclical. If you travel like this (Moves his finger to make a circle), one moment if you’re not alert you will go off at a tangent. If you go like this (Stretching his arm straight, denoting a straight path), you may slow down, you may hasten, you don’t go anywhere.

So being on the path of Divine means, first thing to become free from your genetics. It is in this context, we say Shiva is swayambhu - that means he has no parentage. He dropped it. He cleaned his mother and father out of him. No father, no mother, just him, because genetics means repetition. Repetition means cyclical nature, cyclical nature means you’re going in circles, you’re not going anywhere.

So this ‘I’ business and all - you’re reading bits and pieces of Vedanta. Please stop that. Don’t read all this stuff… me and my consciousness and my witness and where is the witness witnessing the witness? …witness… witness… witness… witness… witness… you can go on endlessly. Witness witnesses the witness, and witness witnesses witness witness, witness, witnesses witness witness witness. This is just a mental game. Ignorant people acting like they know, this is what happens. Philosophies will flourish. Philosophies… The more philosophical a society is or the more philosophical a human being is, the more he is clearly declaring to the world that he is a pretender - what he does not know, he acts like he knows. Simple practical people they know they don’t know, and they’re proud that they don’t know. That’s the problem, but at least they know that they do not know.

So do not get into this trap of intellectualizing the Existence. Very confidently you use this word ‘Existence’, but do you know what is Existence? Does anybody know what is Existence? Does anybody know? Nobody knows. So when we talk… when you use words of the… of whose meaning we do not know, that’s called rubbish, isn't it? But, maybe socially very valuable rubbish because it confuses somebody. If you can confuse a few people, they may believe you’re intelligent. Really! If you want to be perceived as intellectual, you just have to confuse a few people. You don’t have to bring clarity to anybody. The work… The spirituality or the spiritual work is about bringing clarity, not confusion. Confusion we do only when people have deep conclusions. When people have conclusions in their mind which they believe is everything, then we confuse them a bit so that their conclusions get loosened up.

Once Shankaran Pillai won the Meghalaya state lottery. Is that still on? Is it still or gone? Tch. No lottery? Okay at that time, 1984. (Laughs) We change the date, what’s the problem? After all we made up the dates, we can use it the way we want it, isn't it? (Laughs) Not now, 1984 he won a lottery and people gathered, press gathered and everybody said, ‘Wow, you won a lottery! Fifty six crores!’ You heard those days, isn't it? ‘So, how did you get this lucky number?’ So Shankaran Pillai said, ‘I had… Three consecutive nights I had a dream. In the dream it said, ‘Number eight, number eight, number eight three times.’ Three times it appeared - eight, eight eight. Then I thought (Snapping his fingers) three times eight is thirty two and I went for the thirty-two ticket and I got it!’ Then people said, ‘Well, three times eight is not thirty-two, it is twenty-four.’ (Laughter) He said, ‘What does it matter, I won the lottery!’ (Laughter/Applause)

So I’m telling you, Existence does not fit into your logic. It’s not logically correct. It’s not logically correct, but it’s fantastic. That means what’s wrong? That means what’s wrong? That means your logic is too limited, isn't it? ‘No, Existence is not correct, why is it not fitting into my logic?’ This is the argument of a madman, isn't it? This is the way it is. If your logic doesn’t fit into it there’s a problem with your head, not with the Existence.


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